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Amazing Recycled Bourbon Barrel Ideas For Your Home

Amazing Recycled Bourbon Barrel Ideas For Your Home

We at the Hungarian Workshop have been up-cycling Wine and Whiskey barrels for over a decade now. We have a wide variety of furniture and small gifts that will add a rustic yet modern charm to your home. All our design are created to be sleek and attractive. No clunky oversized items that are too “rustic”. We specialize in taking barrels completely apart and creating something totally new. Each stave is hand picked and cleaned just enough to keep the oak patina which shows off the material true Kentucky history. Check out our online store here to see all our designs and handcrafted creations.

Our best and most popular items is our lounge chairs and bar stools. The chairs are the standard Adirondack design which is extremely comfortable for lounging in your backyard or patio. We also offer this design in a rocking chair form which we have perfected. We recurve the bottom staves for proper rocking chair motion which no other company offers yet. The bar stool come with a 180 degree memory swivel which self reposition what not in use keeping them nice and uniform. We offer this design in one version without a backrest and one with. These also come with an option to have leather upholstery if you are looking for maximum elegance and comfort.

“Amazing Recycled Bourbon Barrel Ideas For Your Home”

Amazing Recycled Bourbon Barrel Ideas For Your Home

Another great bar stool is our saddle seat stools. These come in 5 different heights and are nice and narrow. Very ideal for smaller kitchens and areas where you want to stow away the seating easily. These have a great price point as well because we can use 100% barrel material with no additional hardware.

Shipping on all our items is free with no extra costs to you. We also offer military and first responder Coupon Code so please sign up now and Thank You for your service!

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