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How to care for wine barrel furniture

“Restore and learn how to care for wine barrel furniture the right way.”

The Wine Barrel Love Seat (How to care for wine barrel furniture) - Hungarian WorkshopTaking care of outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be a hassle. Most importantly if you keep up with a simple maintanace routine, the job should never turn into a long weekend chore. In this “How to care for wine barrel furniture” blog I will go over a couple maintenance techniques, what products to use and the ideal places to keep your Wine or Whiskey Barrel furniture during the seasons to minimize the ware and tare.

Oil Finish

With our barrel furniture I use an oil finish. Brazilian Rosewood Oil by a company called Penofin to be exact. An oils finish will absorb into the wood and protect from the inside. I find this to be the best because of the simple application and great protection it provides. Not to mention, 90% of my customers like a natural kind of finish with no glossy surfaces. Any oil finish (Teak Oil, Tung Oil Linseed Oil, etc.) will work well as long as you apply it periodically. The rule of thumb I go by is when water stops beading up on the woods surface, the wood starts to gray or when it feels dry to the touch, then it is time for a fresh coat. You can apply oils with a brush, rag or sprayer. Just be sure to wipe away the extra build up.

Whiskey Barrel Bench (How to care for wine barrel furniture) - Hungarian WorkshopVarnish

When you use a varnish maintenance is very very low. Pretty much once you apply it, you most likely won’t have to do anything for minimum a year. But in reality, that depends on the type of varnish you go with. If you decide to go this route I recommend using a heavy duty marine varnish (Sikkens, Man-O-War. etc.) for maximum durability, because when it’s finally time to re-finish the furniture there will be a lot of sanding. The last thing you want to is to go through this process often. Different type of varnishes are available and all home improvement centers and boating stores. Since I pretty much never use this stuff I highly encourage you to go online and see what others prefer and use.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture (How to care for wine barrel furniture) - Hungarian WorkshopLocation

Where you keep your barrel furniture is very important when it comes to the life expectancy of the product. Obviously keeping them indoors away from any weathering is the best. When you place them outside be sure to put them in a covered patio area with minimal sun shine. Be aware that the sun will always do far more damage than rain because white oak is naturally durable agains moisture. (Hence the reason why it’s used in barrel making) Keeping them off grass that get water a lot is vital. Many lawn furniture will start rotting on the bottom from being in a spot where it can never fully dry. If you happen live in an area where there is harsh winters, think putting the furniture in storage or buying a cover for season.

If you have any other question about how to care for wine barrel furniture please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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-Balazs Moldovan


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  1. I just bought a table and chair set with leathery on the seats. I love in Minnesota where the winter drops in the negatives. Would this be safe to leave outside with a cover or will my leather crack? What can i do for treating it and what temperature should i try and keep it in?
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