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Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel End Tables

Bourbon Barrel Side Table

“You can now choose Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel End Tables as an option when purchasing. It is for a limited time so act now while supplies last.”

When it comes to reclaimed bourbon barrel furniture everyone has their favorite distillery. For our end tables we usually picked the tops at random since we had barrels from a wide variety of distilleries. Sometimes customers put in requests for specific brands they favored but that’s as much as they could do. But now for a limited time, we are able to offer you the option to choose from a few main brand distilleries.

Last month we received a large quantity of barrels from a couple big name brands and we broke them down and organized them. We noticed that majority of barrels are from 6-7 major distilleries. Not to mention these were the common ones customers frequently asked for. After a long month of breaking down barrels and organizing the inventory we had our seven finalists. Click here to check out the options.

Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel End Tables have been the most popular this holiday season. It is a very well loved brand and they truly make some exquisite bourbons. Needless to say if you are a big fan of theirs, you know very well they also make some of the other big name bourbon whiskies. Im sure you heard of Pappy Van Winkle, right? Yep they make that too. Please check out their website to learn more about these amazing bourbon crafters.

If you have any questions please contact us or email me directly

I must mention again that the options we are offering are just for a limited time only while supplies last. Also when it comes to specific bourbons, the distilleries don’t actually put the complete names on with stamps. For example: Jim Beam also makes Knob Creek, but on the barrel it will only say Jim Beam and batch numbers with the K and C letters indicating which bourbon it is.


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