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Wine Barrel Furniture Sale

Check out our new Whiskey and Wine Barrel Furniture Sale section of our online store! New set deals available now. Save big on your next purchase.

We now have a Set Deals category in our online store. Choose from our most popular lounge chair and pub sets. They are already grouped together for easy shopping experience and a simple check out. You will be saving 20% to 31% when choosing from our new Set Categories. Act now while this option is available. These savings won’t always be here, it is for a limited time each month while supplies last.

One of the most popular item in the sets is the Wine Barrel Leather Pub Set. It consists of two wine barrel pub stools with Italian Leather upholstery and one wine barrel pub table. On this set alone you are saving 24%.

Starting now and throughout February we will be having a Wine Barrel Furniture Sale as well. This means our wine barrel category will also have a few items on sale. You won’t have to group or buy multiples. Couple single items will also be available for 20% off.

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Wine Barrel Furniture Sale!


Next month we hopefully will have a new product out and officially ready for large scale production. We are working on the final revisions and ironing out the final details. This piece will be an interior version of the lounge chair with Italian leather upholstery. The intricacy of the design will make them one of the most eye catching barrel chair designs out there. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments.


-Balazs Moldovan

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