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Napa Valley Stone Brewing Company

Last year an amazing spot opened up in wine country. In Napa Valley Stone Brewing Company has an incredible spot right by the water in a historic building.

In the Spring of 2017 the Hungarian Workshop was working on one of the biggest orders for Napa Valley Stone Brewing Company. With 70+ pieces it was the busiest season ever. The order consisted of 40 dining room chairs (the most complex and time consuming item) 8 dining room tables that had pretty much a full barrel as the base. Along with 16 lounge chairs and 6 end tables. Needless to say we were backed up for weeks and shop was packed full.

After everything was completed I felt like a huge weight has been lifted of my shoulders. When it comes to working with Stone I make their orders the biggest priority. After all, we have been partners with them since our beginning and we do the most repeat business with them. In their Escondido location in southern California they actually still have lounge chair #2. I own #1 and just last week we finished chair #837.

When I visited Napa Valley Stone Brewing Company in the late spring of 2017 just after we delivered their order, the location was still under construction. As usual, all major restaurants will be smart and order the necessary furnishings way before hand. Even with the regular construction delays and what not, it is best to be ahead of schedule rather than be scrambling right before opening week.

Since the doors opened in Napa Valley Stone Brewing Company I have not had a chance to visit again. But on social media I have been following their progress. The place looks amazing. All our chairs are looking out from the patio over looking the water. It looks like an amazing spot to relax, sit back and enjoy a delicious Stone beer.


-Balazs Moldovan

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