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Whisky Advocate

“Another great milestone! Being featured in the Whisky Advocate feels amazing. A great whisky magazine which I have a subscription for now showed up at my house with us in it.”

Whisky AdvocateAround the beginning of July I received an email requesting some more information on our Bourbon Barrel Ez Chair. As usually I replied and answered all questions and thought not much of it. Since most sales start with a little inquiry if the buyer wants additional info. A few more days go by then the same person ask for a quick photo of the chair apart. Because the EZ Chairs slides apart and can be stored or transported in two slim sections. I pulled out my phone, shot a quick couple pictures and sent them right back. I thought it was a bit unusually to ask for this but it makes sense if you are interested in making a purchase. Often the buyer who inquires the most will likely place a large order. Therefore I don’t mind going the extra step for my potential customers.

Whisky AdvocateThe next email they asked if I had any high quality pictures of the pieces. Because the Whisky Advocate is having a tailgating gear must have list, and our chair is going to be on it. As soon as I read that I sent over my pictures I took for our website. I sent over a bunch just in case. Every angle and view position just to be safe. At this point I was very thankful that I took the time and learned how to shoot photos and edit pictures. Having quick access to my furniture photos sure came in handy this day.

“The EZ Chair is just one of many of our creations, browse through our Online Store to find the right piece for you.”

Whisky AdvocateNow came the waiting game. I was very excited and could hardly wait to see a Hungarian Workshop chair in the Whisky Advocate. Even though it seemed like a sure thing I didn’t want to tell everyone just yet. I figured it would be more impressive if I just showed everyone the actually magazine when it comes out.  Cheers!

Whisky AdvocateIf you are a big whisky, bourbon or scotch enthusiast I highly recommend signing up for the Whisky Advocate. Lots of cool stories and interested articles. Plenty of all around whisky talk and you can learn a lot too. Or pick up a copy at your local Barns and Noble.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and be sure to sign up for our Online Newsletter. It comes at monthly and right now (9/8) there is still time for the September’s letter. I am going to wait towards the last week of this month to send it out. There have been lots of people signing up, mostly from the Whisky Advocate feature and I want to have the most amount of people singed up before hand. Be sure to follow us on social media like Instagram and Facebook to see what new items we are working on today.

Have a great day!

-Balazs Moldovan


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