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Whiskey Barrel Scraps – Buy now and save big!

Recently we finished up a big batch of summer orders. We made made lots of Lounge Chairs and plenty of Pub Stools and Pub Tables. Due to all this work we have over 400 lbs of Whiskey Barrel Scraps that I don’t want to go to waste. We do have a few projects where we can use them however the quantity is far too much. The regular price for a small box which contains about 20 pieces is $25. Because of this overwhelming amount I am slashing the price. In September’s newsletter I will have a coupon code created so you can purchase with the discount. If you are interested right away please don’t hesitate to send me an email. 

Create unique handcrafted gifts from Whiskey Barrel Scraps! Check out Pinterest for other great ideas!

Whiskey Barrel ScrapsThe Whiskey Barrel Scraps are ideal for many projects. If you are a creative person you will probably find some fun ways to utilize this material. I’ve seen wood turners make pens others coasters, cheese boards, bookends just to name a few. The most unique way to use them is to make a wall or table top covered by them in a mosaic fashion. All of our Whiskey Barrel Scraps will be fully clean and sanded pretty much ready to use as is.

Whiskey barrels are made from American White Oak. The insides are charred which gives the whiskey its great flavors and color. One side will be completely black. The outside will have some aging to the wood and really neat color patterns. Shades of light and dark browns with greens and some rusty reds left behind from the old barrel rings.

Whiskey Barrel ScrapsFinally if all else fails they are absolutely amazing for grilling and smoking meat. If you never had a nice steak grilled over an open fire with real Whiskey Barrel Scraps burning under neath, you are missing out. The intense smokey flavors with of hints of whiskey will make your dinner the best you ever had. The oak burns hot and slow therefore cooking with it is ideal. I highly recommend it.

If you have any questions or need more information please don’t hesitate contact us.


-Balazs Moldovan

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