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Bourbon Barrel Side Table

Bourbon Barrel Side Table

“We have a great selection of Bourbon Barrel Side Table-s. The most popular has a variation of 4 styles and the interior has 2. Click here and check out our Online Store!”

Bourbon Barrel Side TableOne of the best selling items is the our Bourbon Barrel Side Table. We have made hundreds of them and we pretty much receive orders for them every day. They are ideal to go with our Bourbon Barrel Lounge Chairs or just by themselves. Next to a bed or couch it won’t matter they will still look great and ad a little rustic bourbon spirit in your home. As we mentioned earlier we have them in a few different styles and don’t worry if you hare a Wine Enthusiast. We have the same styles in Wine Barrels as well.

The regular end tables are simple and smart. It is four staves for legs, a nicely recut round barrel head for the top and a barrel band around the edge. This was designed with simplicity in mind to be cost effective. We had way too many barrel heads and barrel hoops just piling up. After all, at one time had to break down over four hundred barrels. After we come out with this design the extra material started to go down.

Bourbon Barrel Side TableThe versions you can choose from are the following:

  • 18″ Tall Outside Barrel Top
  • 18″ Tall Inside Barrel Top
  • 24″ Tall Outside Barrel Top
  • 24″ Tall Inside Barrel Top

The 18″ version is ideal for our lounge chairs or side of lower beds. The 24″ works pretty much all around. The most popular choice for the top is the Outside Top. This will have distillery marking and nice rustic oak patinas. The distillery stamps may includes brand names, dates, warehouse numbers and specific batch numbers. It is the best option for anyone looking to show of an authentic barrel piece with its true history. The inside version means the same barrel top is just upside down. The top will be charred black because the insides of bourbon barrels are completely burned. This is what gives whiskey its great flavors and color. Which ever option you choose I am sure you will love it!

“A Bourbon Barrel Side Table can be a great gift for and Whiskey lover!”

Our second Bourbon Barrel Side Table option the the strictly interior ones. These come at 23″ in height. They have the same top option as our other tables. Inside or Outside. The big difference is the edging. Instead of a barrel band it is made up of sliced up barrel staves. Neatly arranged to create a one of kind uniform look. Because of the extensive work that goes into these Bourbon Barrel Side Table-s, they also have a higher price point. All the extra carpentry work may makes these a bit more but the finished product look much more sophisticated and high end. A perfect show piece for any office, home bar or restaurant.

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-Balazs Moldovan



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