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Whiskey Barrels

“Buy full size whiskey barrels. We haver over 500 in stock. Along with broken down barrel staves, barrel lids and barrel bands. Visit the Online Store.

Whiskey BarrelsIn our Recycle Bin section of our Online Store we carry a wide variety of barrels and barrel parts. The most we have are Bourbon Whiskey Barrels. The full size 53 gallon barrels are made from quarter sawn American White Oak that is highly durable and rot resistant. Makes for perfect garden and home decor as well as a rain barrel. The distillery brands we carry include Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Four Roses, Buffalo Trace etc. We also have about 200 scotch barrel that have the best and strongest aromas I have ever had a chance to work.

If you are buying to be creative and to test your skills at making furniture you will have a great experience. Working with barrel wood is unique and unlike any other challenge. Each staves has curves and beveled edges. Pretty much forget anything you learned in your typical wood shop class. However keep your senses sharp as far as safety. Working with material that isn’t straight and square can cause kick back and blade pinching. Just a heads up. Another important fact is that the barrel wood will still have a good amount of moisture level. Before starting on your project, it is a good idea to break the barrel down and let it dry out fully. Place it where its dry and is fairly high in temperature. (Rafters in the garage works great especially if you can fashion a box fan near to keep the air moving. That will speed up the process for sure.)

Whiskey BarrelsAny who, back to talking about the bourbon whiskey barrel we have. Currently we have over 500 in stock and they are definitely taking up a lot of room. A lot of people email us asking for specific brands but unfortunately we don’t have high end brands like Pappy Van Winkle. Also we can’t guarantee the brands simply because the way we have to store them. Moving 20-30 barrels just so we can sell a couple is very impractical and not worth our time.

Whiskey BarrelsWe also receive a ton of inquiries from small craft breweries, home brewers and others who are looking for barrels to age their creation. I hate to break the bad news but our barrels are no longer in that condition. Because of the quantity of Whiskey Barrels we own, we have to store them outdoors exposed to all the elements. I myself don’t know all the health codes and regulations that goes into aging craft beers or spirits so I can’t be any help in this department. For aging you will want a freshly emptied barrel that hasn’t sat around way too long.

Whiskey BarrelsLong story short, if you want Whiskey Barrels for decoration, we have the right ones for you. We can ship singles ones or pallets full right to your door. Shipping prices vary and will start to drop when you order in larger quantities. A single shipment will cost more than the barrel its self but that’s because its size and weight. Sometimes when still very moist a barrel can weight 125lbs. On our site there is a shipping calculator which will help you see the prices first.

Please feel free to contact us for additional info.

Whiskey Barrels



-Balazs Moldovan

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