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Wine Barrel Pub Stools

Wine Barrel Pub Stools

“New wine barrel pub stools w/ backrest & memory swivel are here! Add the perfect rustic charm to any kitchen or bar with the Hungarian Workshop’s NEW creation.”



Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestThis design was introduced just a few days ago. If you signed up for our online newsletter, you have received October’s coupon codes and new product updates which included this sought after design. These new barstools are here because of the many inquiries by our frequent customers. Like many people everyone loves our original barstools but also wanted a comfortable backrest to complete that lounge style feeling. We added a 3″ thick wide flat stock steel plate bent at just the right angle for a superb backing. The backrest also has a subtle flex that accommodates for any size person for the upmost support.

Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & Backrest

Wine Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestSimilar design elements as our original Pub Stools but with a key feature, the backrest. Along with a wider seat and a 3 degree tilt you can now sit back comfortably at any kitchen and bar. The 180 Degree Memory Swivel will also allow you to twist side to side easily then self re-position when not in use. A strong and stable piece made from the toughest reclaimed wood around. 

This items is available in Wine Barrel and Bourbon Barrel.


Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & BackrestThe Bourbon Barrel version is the exact shape and size. The main difference is the curve of the staves is a bit less and the colors are more darker. The inside of the wood is charred black like all standard whiskey barrels. Instead of the galvanized steel foot rest like the Wine barrel versions have, the Bourbon has regular steel. It is darker and because the metal was rusty there is a nice reddish hue to the finish.

Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool w/ Memory Swivel & Backrest



Bourbon Barrel Pub Stool A pleasant attribute that our pub stools feature is the 180 Degree Memory Swivel which allows you to rotate with ease and self re-position when not in use. The barrel’s old ring is the footrest that adds personality while creating a strong foundation for the base. Highly recommended for home and heavy commercial use.

Wine Barrel Pub Stool


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-Balazs Moldovan

Wine Barrel Pub Stools

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