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Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair Set Sale Happening NOW

Our whiskey barrel rocker have been a huge hit and rightfully so. We actually recurve the bottom barrel stave into the perfect curvature. This makes the rocking motion actually real and not just a slight bob back and forth. Many people assume that a barrel will have a hefty curve but that isn’t the case for most. Especially whiskey barrels. Few cabernet wine barrel which are usually short and stout will have a pretty good curve. However, we don’t always find those so to make the chair right we had to get creative.

Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair Set Sale Happening NOW

Steaming the wood then letting sit for a week can be time taking but the end results speak for them selfs. Our recurved rockers come in wine and whiskey barrel option. They are very similar to our lounge chairs but with a few slight changes. We try to get a center of gravity more towards the front. That way when you sit in them they wont just lean to the back making it hard to get out.

Since we usually sell them in sets, Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair Set Sale Happening NOW! You can save $1000 and have them shipped directly to your home for free. They are transported as freight on pallets and will arrive fully assembled. From the time you order and they arrive it usually takes about 10-15 business days. We usually have the chair bottoms ready so all we have to do is build, oil, package and ship.

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Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair Set Sale Happening NOW

-Balazs Moldovan

Available on our Etsy shop as well.

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