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Interesting Whiskey Barrel Bar Set You Must Have

In this past few months, hell over a year actually, inflation has been out of control. Shipping has been over the roof when it comes to freight for us. Unfortunately this meant we had to increase the price of our lounge chairs. Since the production of our most popular items has slowed we have focused our attention to our bar sets. These bar stools and bar tables we are able to ship simply with FedEx Ground making the cost not be too bad. FedEx has also gone up but their rate is still much better than freight. Plus with FedEx you can get your bar set with in 5-7 business days.

Interesting Whiskey Barrel Bar Set You Must Have

The Interesting Whiskey Barrel Bar Set You Must Have comes in two options. We have the one with the standard bar stools and the other set comes with the bar stools which have backrests. Both sets are available in 42″ bar height and 36″ kitchen island height. Which everyone you prefer we can usually make and ship within a two week window. We make sure to keep a couple of sets in stock to prevent the much hated 4-6 week time frames. With todays demand of quick turn around time, it is essential to be ready even when it comes to fine handcrafted furniture. Most of our clients don’t mind the wait because they understand that hand making things shouldn’t be rushed. However, if we can increase our sales and make our customers pleasantly surprised with fast deliveries that it is definelty worth it.

Interesting Whiskey Barrel Bar Set You Must Have”

Interesting Whiskey Barrel Bar Set You Must Have

Our whiskey barrel bar set furniture come with memory swivels. These allow the user to rotate 180 degrees each direction and settle back into the front facing position when not in use. This is a very nice attribute for anyone who is a neat freak and likes things uniform at all times. Im one of theses folks. Hence why I choose this swivel option. The bar stools with the backrest have a 1/4″ steel holding the staves as the backrest. It has the perfect angle for ones back and even tho the bar is thick, it still has a mild spring like action for maximum comfort. The foot rest is the barrel’s metal hoops. These also help the four legs stay rigid and strong. All hardware we use are rated for commercial use. We actually started all our furniture for commercial use. Our main and oldest partner is Stone Brewing Company in San Diego. They carry our chairs and bar stools in almost all their locations.

The bar tables will sometimes feature some sort of distillery stamping or stenciling. We try to clean the barrel tops only so much where the writing on them can still be made out. We usually get barrels from Jim Beam, Buffalo Trace, Maker’s Mark, Woodford Reserve, Heaven Hill and Four Roses just to name a few. If you purchase and have one preferred one let us know and we can try to find a top from that distillery.

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