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Everything You Need To Know About Premium Barrel Furniture

Whiskey Barrel Saddle Bar Stool

We at the Hungarian Workshop have been up-cycling wine and whiskey barrels for over a decade. We have shipped world wide and have a reputation for creating fine quality works of “art”. Functional art that is. We try to focus on the creativity of using mainly barrel and only barrel material in our furniture. By this I mean you wont see a bunch of factory produced parts with a couple barrel staves thrown in and calling it barrel furniture. Next time you find some inexpensive “barrel furniture”, just take a look at what percent of material actually came from the barrel.

One of our best sellers is our Whiskey Barrel Saddle Bar Stools. This is a design that is simple and very very functional. It is sleek, it can be stowed under a counter easily and it is made 100% of only barrel wood. Even better that this design calls for lots of skinny smaller staves. We accumulate theses by the pallet full so being able to use them for other than fire wood makes me feel better. We try to use and donate scraps but the amount we have is tremendous. In my down time I usually am trying to figure out a new way to use left over material. After all, it is money on the table.

Everything You Need To Know About Premium Barrel Furniture

When is comes to shipping our furniture everything ships for “FREE”. Meaning the cost to get it to you is already in price. No extra surprise delivery chargers. With a way of the internet market these days you have to offer this “free” shipping concept. Unfortunately this has sky rocketed the price of our lounge chairs. Anything we have to ship as freight costs almost just as much as the furniture it self. This is because our chairs don’t require any assembly. We could design something you would need to assemble then just ship with FedEx. But, then you would end up with some rickety or wobbly crap you have to spend time trying to put together. Most of our customer prefer the additional cost where the chairs just get dropped off and thats it.

Everything You Need To Know About Premium Barrel Furniture

Another great attribute of ours is our customer service. We have great reviews and lots of repeat buyer because we take care of everyone very well. Our main goal is your satisfaction. After all, we don’t want to work all day building furniture if you don’t enjoy them. The only way people these days can continue with hands on work if some satisfaction comes out from it. So far it has been a blast running the Hungarian Workshop and hopefully we have another steady 10 years and more ahead of us.

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Everything You Need To Know About Premium Barrel Furniture

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