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Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave On Sale

Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave On Sale

Whether you are looking for bar stools, bar tables or big lounge chairs made from old reclaimed barrels we got you covered. We have been up-cycling wine and whiskey barrels for over a decade and we have a beautiful line of furniture to show you. In our online shop you can choose from the wine or the whiskey barrel section. In each category we have almost all the same designs so all you have to think about if you are a wine or whiskey person. If you are looking for rugged and tough looking items I highly recommend our whiskey barrel line. Also, Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave On Sale now so don’t for get to check out our Sales and Current Set Deals section too.

The whiskey barrel bar stool and bar table sets we make come in two options. They both have the same kind of memory swiveling bar stools but one stool set comes with a backrest. Each set is also available in a 42″ bar table height and a 36″ kitchen island height.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave On Sale!!!

There is also good news that we just recently restarted to make our interior leather upholstered bar stools again. During the pandemic we had to put a hold on production for these because our supplier were experiencing material shortage. These Italian Full Grain Leather bar stools come in seven different colors. These have been a huge seller and rightfully so. They look amazing and with all those color options you can choose from the one suites you best. We have a black and white, three kinds of browns and two reds. These are also available in the 30″ or 26″ seat heights. However, since they are more on the higher price point we can also custom make them in heights incase you have a lower or higher counter than the standard measurement.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave On Sale

Whiskey barrel have the inside completely brunt. The charred oak is what gives whiskey its great taste and color. The outside of the wood is usually a dark brown with dark patina. These color attributes pair very well with most other man cave decor. Almost all of our whiskey barrel furniture will also feature some of the barrel’s hoops. In the bar stools they are foot rest, in the tables they are the edge on the top. Even in our lounge chairs we use them as metal clips to help secure joints.

When it comes to Whiskey Barrel Furniture For Your Man Cave there are probably plenty of company’s to choose from. If you decide to order from us satisfaction is guaranteed. In the past 10 years we never had a customer asking for a refund due to poor quality. If any damage occurs during transit we always take care of the customer and send a replacement right away. We believe you should be happy with your order because we also don’t want to put hardworking into something the recipient wont love.

-Balazs Moldovan

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