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One of a kind Whiskey Barrel Interior Designs

One of a kind Whiskey Barrel Interior Designs

We have lots of interesting and One of a kind Whiskey Barrel Interior Designs here at the Hungarian Workshop. We have been handcrafting furniture from Wine and Whiskey barrels for over a decade. Each piece is created by hand selecting barrels staves and cleaned up just enough to make smooth and vibrant. By only sanding down the wood to a point we keep the oak natural patinas from years in the aging service. There will be visible markings and stains deeply embedded in the wood, showing off the materials true history. Each piece will look different giving them character very unique to one another. Some maybe lighter or darker. However, when it comes to sets we keep the color somewhat uniform.

When we break down barrels we take them apart by the hundreds. This allows for a good solid mixed batch. We also separate all the skinnier staves which we can only use in certain parts of a couple pieces. Like the backrest of the lounge chair that has the wider backrest, we use eight skinny staves. However, a barrel will have roughly ten of these small pieces and we don’t always make lounge chairs. Therefor, we end up with a huge pallet of these and Im constantly tryin to come up with new designs to eliminate waste.

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Even our cut off pieces that we accumulate by the bin full every week, I try to up-cycle as well. We used to sell these to DIY-er and BBQ-ers. But unfortunately again the amount we gather is just insane. The amount of these scraps we could sell off isn’t sufficient. That is why this past few months I have been messing around with some decorative wall paneling ideas and came out with two. One is where I use the cut off pieces and one is where I use all those extra skinny staves.

Another pile of extra material I have way way too much of is the metals hoops or rings which ever you want to call them. They re actually the barrel’s bands but that isn’t searched for enough in google. We use these as edging around our tables and footrest around the bar stools. Yet again, each barrel has six of these and even in a complete bar set we only use four. For a complete bar set we need about two barrel’s worth of wood so we are left with eight additional metal rings. There was a time when lots of people wanted these old rusty hoops for home decor or gardening project. Now we hardly get any inquiries for them. This is the part when usually people suggest to me, just to sell them off at dirt cheap prices to keep all this “junk” out of your shop. Well I would gladly my friend but with the weight of these and over all sizes the shipping of them is big. Very big, huge in fact.

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To ship about 12 metal bands the box will be about 24″x24″x20″ at 30lbs give or take. This would cost $80 just to ship. Another couple of bucks for the box and the time it takes to package you are now at $85 modestly. If I sell each hoop for just a $1 each the price is now over $100. Not a lot of people need these hoops that bad. Also just the amount of effort to sell them is way more than the potential $12 we would get. Same with the left over scraps. These mainly have a weight issue when shipping. Even a small box can reach up to 50+lbs and soon after that another box size would be considered oversized with a bunch of additional surcharges. All in all, we are better off coming out with some new One of a kind Whiskey Barrel Interior Designs to stay as efficient as possible.

One of a kind Whiskey Barrel Interior Designs

Most clients of our purchase our furniture for outdoor use. When it comes to the lounge chairs they usually end up in beautiful remote cabins and backyards and decks. To turn things more towards the inside of the home we started doing leather upholstery. We found a great supplier of fine quality Italian Full Grain leather which matches our distressed or rustic material. Full grain means you get the see the hides imperfection. No, not holes but the actual cow’s markings. This just means the that leather wont be a solid plain color like some sort of fake fabric. The leather is very smooth and importantly thick and strong. This also means it is ideal for heavy commercial use which we have proven to be true in the past. One our biggest friends or parents I guess you could call them is Stone Brewing Company in sunny San Diego. We have teamed up with them in 2012 and have made them hundreds of chairs, table and bar stools in the past.

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The leather stools come in seven different colors. Each named after a drink or spirit. We have two kinds of red. One light and one much more dark. These ones are called Sangria and Merlot. Then we have a black and white, Stout and Riesling. The white is more of a silver-ish bright white not a pure white. Then we have three kinds of browns. Bourbon a standard saddle like light brown. Espresso which is a dark coffee or chocolate brown and Scotch that is a smokey light tan. Everyone has a specific taste so I figured having a somewhat big selection of colors to choose from will be important. Fortunately this has been proven to be true. So far we have sold every color not problem and often we get orders for a mix of colors. The one that has been the most popular tho is the Merlot. The deep dark red leather with a Whiskey barrel made stool has been number one. They are on sale right now so if you ready to make a purchase click here!!

-Balazs Moldovan

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