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Stone Brewery Farm

Whiskey Barrel Chair by The Hungarian Workshop at Stone Brewing Co. FARMToday we had an amazing day! Me and my fiance had a chance to get a sneak peek at the new Stone Brewery Farm. The size of the place is enormous and the scenery was beautiful. Being away from the city was definitely a fun change and felt very relaxing.  The whole atmosphere reminded of a simpler time. Kind of like my childhood while I was growing up in Felsőzsolca, Hungary.

Couple of the farmers working, getting everything ready for the grand opening. Stone Brewery FarmAfter finishing the 10 Whiskey Barrel Chairs that Stone had ordered for the farm, I was pretty excited to make the delivery myself. I heard a lot of great things about Stone Farms beforehand, so when the opportunity come to visit the place I was thrilled. Stone Brewing Company is expending more and more everyday and I am very thankful to be working with them! They are one of my biggest clients who has fast forwarded my business in the right direction.

Whiskey Barrel Chair at Stone Farm | Hungarian WorkshopWhen we arrived we met the Farm Supervisor; David Solomon. He is a very nice guy who showed us around and introduced us to some of the other Stone Farmers. Seeing the amount of work that goes into running a whole entire farm has made me really appreciate the hard working man and women who make their living that way.

Chickens at Stone FarmThe Stone Brewery Farm will feature quit a few neat attractions as well. On our adventure walking around the farm we discovered their chickens, ducks and quails. One of Stone most popular dish is Quail “Knots” which is a delicious pickled quail egg. Once we visited all the animals we headed down to an open area that seems like perfect place to set the Whiskey Chairs and have few drinks. In the clearance was also a concrete pizza oven. I can’t wait for that to be up and running! A fresh slice and a cold beer away from the city and all the noise, count me in. Speaking of beer, I got the word that the Stone Brewery Farm will be featuring a new Lavender beer. Look for that in the near future. By the entrance of the farm there will be a bar area that has a deck with a great view of the entire place.

Me And David Solomon at Stone FarmBe sure to come visit the Stone Brewery Farm opening soon!

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Thank you for stopping by and be sure to visit us again.

-Balazs G. Moldovan


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  1. Some time ago I saw your chairs in the waiting area for the restaurant at Stone, but the hostess didn’t know where they were from. I was obsessed with them every time we went there, and recently saw the newer ones outside. I saw your label and was so excited that you are local! And now here I am drooling over your website, and I hope to get 2 chairs soon! Your work is amazing.

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