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San Diego’s best Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

San Diego’s best Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

We have been friends with many breweries and winery is souther California allowing us for a huge supply of Wine and Whiskey barrels. Our designs can be seen lots of local places. One of our biggest partner is Stone Brewing Company. We have our signature lounge chairs and many more at their local tasting rooms and restaurants. It has been over 10 years since I made them my first batch and barrel chairs. There might be a chance that you can sit in the first chairs I ever made.

We first started working in a small shared work space close to old town. Back then orders weren’t as many so it was doable. Plus the cost of operations wan minimal which help a ton. We all know running a business is souther California is very costly so starting out like this was great. After the chair design we moved up to making bar stools and tables. These were also very successful because now if you didn’t have a large space out back you could still own some beautifully handcrafted barrel furniture inside your home.

“San Diego’s best Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture”

Soon after we got our website up we started shipping all over the country. We even got a few magazine and news paper spots which also boosted local sales. We have since also shipped internationally. There are chairs and other items in Germany and Dubai just to name a couple places. Since the 2012 we have been working on new designs every year to keep customers coming back. This business is kind of tricky because you wont need to keep buying our furniture. Meaning our craftsmanship is top quality and the reclaimed oak is very robust. The life line of a chair with minimal upkeep can be decades. Hell, I still have my very first chair! Still solid but a bit gray and weathered.

Check out all our pieces and take a look at what’s on sale now!

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