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Unique Outdoor Restaurant Furniture

A Wine Barrel Coffee Table & Chair in the Garden Bistro at Stone Brewery

Owning a unique outdoor restaurant furniture set can be very important. Whether it is for your restaurant, bistro, cafe or even for your own home, guests can always be influenced by your taste and style. The amount of care you apply into the atmosphere will definitely show in the  amount of foot traffic that will walk through your doors.

If you are in need of some new outdoor restaurant furniture you have come to the right place. I will talk about a few reasons why The Hungarian Workshop outshines other companies and why our furniture have been known as a great investment.

I am guessing, since you are reading this article you must be looking for some unique and different style furniture. Choosing handmade furniture is always a plus because true craftsmanship doesn’t come out of a factory’s mass production line. Our chairs and tables are all made by people that take pride in their work and with great attention to detail. We carefully checking through all our products before making a sale because we want to make sure that all our customers are happy and 100% satisfied. We try to keep our prices much lower as well. The concept of going green by up-cycling material is mostly effective and beneficial if we are able sell as much as possible. By keeping our customer numbers on a steady rise will increase the amount of  barrels we can recycle.

Whiskey Barrel ChairOne our top selling item is the Whiskey Barrel Adirondack chairs. They are very popular with breweries, restaurants and hotels. Because of their great history these chairs are an excellent conversation pieces with just about anyone, whiskey-lovers or not.  We receive our whiskey barrels straight out of Kentucky, we are really proud of that. Since barrels come in many different  colors, shapes and sizes each individual chair has their own unique characteristics. Even though all the dimensions and design are the same, not one chair is truly alike.

Wine Barrel Chair with Wine Barrel Table

Next in line we of our Wine Barrel Chairs. They are a huge seller in states where wine drinking is common. Most of our clients purchase them for vineyards, wine bars or for their own home. We have also found out that wine barrel furniture has become popular as wedding gifts. With our specialty laser engraving they can make a wonderful gift for any wine lover. The chairs come with an option for a wine glass holder cut in on the arms ends on either side. The beautiful red, maroon and burgundy patinas that each piece of furniture holds will sure to turn quite a few heads.

We offer a more unique Outdoor Restaurant Furniture on our website. I invite you to browse around and feel free to ask me any question.

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