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New Extravagant Leather Bar Stools From Barrels

If you have been searching for some unique or one of kind bar stools than you have come to the right place. We at the Hungarian Workshop have been handcrafting for the past decade and our furniture is a must have. If you are into wine and whiskey then we are your furniture designer. Our bar stools are loved world wide in many commercial bars and restaurants along with home kitchens as well. Each one of our pieces is fully handmade by professional craftsman with a keen eye to detail. Our New Extravagant Leather Bar Stools From Barrels feature full grain Italian leather upholstery. With options of seven different colors and material. CLICK HERE TO SEE.

If you love wine go with the wine barrel option which is a more light colored French oak with wine stained patinas on the inside. If you are a whiskey enthusiast then the rugged charred American white oak is your friend. Every barrel stave is different making each bar stools virtually one of a kind. Choose your favorite color and seat height that firs you and your room best.

“Choose from 7 colors and wine or whiskey barrel!”

The colors you can pick from our as follows:

Bourbon – A traditional saddle brown

Sangria – A bright vibrant red

Stout – A dark jet black like the night sky

Merlot – a deep rich red like a wine

Espresso – A lovely coffee brown with chocolate tones

Scotch – A smokey light brown like your favorite 16 year old bottle

Riesling – A brilliant white like a cloud

Right now we have these bar stools on sale and also have a few of the colors in stock and ready to ship with a week or two.

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