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Interesting new designs from reclaimed Kentucky Barrels

We have been sourcing our barrels from Kentucky for over a decade now. The amount of work that goes into making a barrel is tremendous so giving them a second life is must. Most barrels get just chopped up into planters or simply used as decor. Even tho they dry apart and collapse thats how most see their final days. Barrel don’t have any glue or nails so once they are empty, the oak starts to shrink, and the rings start to fall off. Some try to salvage by screwing each stave to the band but that only works to a certain point. In other words, you end up with is a rickety old mess. That being said let us show you our Interesting new designs from reclaimed Kentucky Barrels.

Each of our furniture pieces are handmade by expert craftsman. All staves are cleaned and sanded smooth just enough to leave the oaks patina while showing off its beautiful history. The Kentucky Barrel wood will have charring on the inside and all sorts of unique color patterns on the outside. For instance, some are light brown, dark brown, some red from the rusted steel and even deep forest greens.

“giving barrels a second life for over a decade!”

One of our best and most popular designs are the leather upholstered barstools. They come with a 180 degree memory swivel, full grain Italian leather with 7 color options and can made at custom heights. Just by having the finely upholstered cushions, our sales have shown a huge increase. Many bars and restaurant have been purchasing our standard bar stools for their out door areas and now we have an answer for their more upscale indoor areas as well.

We have plenty more Interesting new designs from reclaimed Kentucky Barrels in our online store so please feel free to check them out. Follow this link!

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