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New Leather Swiveling Bar Stools Are Back On Sale

Wine Barrel w/ Sangria Leather

In the past we did a line of Interior leather line which was widely popular. However, as the pandemic hit our suppliers weren’t able to get us all the leather we needed in a steady stream. So for two years we had to pull the line and focus on coming out with a few new things. As the time past we were able to get back on track slowly. So to start we are reintroducing the wine and whiskey barrel bar stools with leather cushions. These have been a huge hit for home and commercial customers as well. These stools provide the same reclaimed rustic charm but with a elegant addition along with maximum comfort. The Italian Full Grain Leather is soft and beautiful and with the color options you can choose which one fits your kitchen or bar best.

We have two reds, Merlot and Sangria. One is dark and deep and the other is light and vibrant. The three browns are Bourbon, Espresso and Scotch. Bourbon is a light traditional western brown while Scotch is a smokey tan. Espresso is nice rich coffee/chocolate brown. Last is Stout our black. This goes awesome with a line of whiskey barrel stools if you want to keep things dark.

“New Leather Swiveling Bar Stools Are Back On Sale”

An important fact to keep in mind while looking through our photos is that the leather will always look much lighter in the pictures because of the photo studio lights. The color swatches will showcase their shades much more accurately. Another important fact about themItalian leather is that they are full grain. Which means the hides can have imperfections. Meaning the cow could have had a scar or skin blemishes. The reason we chose this style is because it goes much better with our reclaimed wood. All real and natural patinas.

Whiskey Stool w/Bourbon Leather

New Leather Swiveling Bar Stools Are Back On Sale for ONLY a short period of time. These are a hot ticket item and we can only sell so many at a discount. Please act now while supplies last. If we have them in stock we can usually ship with in a week or two. However, if your order is more than what amount of leather we have on hand you will have to wait the additional two weeks for us the receive the leather and produce the cushion and stools. Please understand that these are artisan all handcrafted furniture so speed isn’t a concern for us. We don’t like to rush our “art”. If ever a time frame is a concern please contact us first to and we can discuss.

Like most of our stools these also come in a couple height options. They are available in 26″ seat height for your home kitchen islands and 30″ seat for bars.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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