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Lovely Stylish Bar Stools You Need From Recycled Whiskey Barrels

We have been handcrafting furniture for over a decade and we carry a wide variety of Lovely Stylish Bar Stools You Need From Recycled Whiskey Barrels. Most designs are also available from Wine barrels too. Hopefully next few weeks we will be able to bring back our leather upholstered bar stools as well. (Unfortunately the pandemic slowed a few suppliers of ours down.)

The bar stools we currently are making are the Saddle stools, available in 5 different heights. The Swivel Bar Stools which come in two heights and one version with an additional backrest. And finally the Bar Chair which is our most intricate design. It resembles our lounge chair but with a stool base to raise of the ground for an appropriate bar table height.

The Saddle Bar Stools are slim and wide. Perfect for smaller ares where stowing them away when not in use is important. The seat is wide enough for maximum comfort while the depth is kept minimal. The design is very robust and great for all around use. The five available heights are 18″, 24″, 26″, 28″, and 30″.

Lovely Stylish Bar Stools You Need From Recycled Whiskey Barrels

Most kitchen islands are 36″ and most bars are 42″. For these you would want a 26″ and a 30″ seat height. However, do often make them at custom height if necessary. Going a little taller or shorter is no problem for us. If you are looking for custom heights please feel free to contact us and we can help you decide the right heights for your bar stools.

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