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Luxury Wine Barrel Swiveling Bar Stools On Sale

We currently have an overstock of wine barrel that are prefect for our bar stool projects. They are the smaller and more round cabernet barrels which we at the Hungarian Workshop like to save for bar stools and bar tables. (Any larger wine barrels are better saved for our lounge chairs.) With over a 100 in stock this summer we will be pushing wine barrel bar set deals.

Wine Barrel Swiveling Bar Stools On Sale

The luxury wine barrel swiveling barstools on sale will come in a set of 3 pieces. 2 bar stools and 1 bar table. They will be available in 30″ & 26″ seat heights. The 30″ is ideal for 42″ counters which are usually commercial and home bars. The 26″ is best for home kitchen islands which normally measure at 36″. The swivels we use are called memory swivels. These can rotate 180 degrees and return to a front facing position when not in use. This is a great attribute if you are looking to keep things tidy and neat. They are also commercial rated so also ideal for heavy-duty usage. The footrest of our barstools are also the barrel’s hoops. While adding structural stability to the base they work great for resting ones feet.

Wine Barrel Swiveling Bar Stools On Sale

The two type of Luxury Wine Barrel Swiveling Bar Stools On Sale are essentially the same but one comes with a backrest. The 1/4″ steel has just the right angle and slight bounce for maximum comfort. As we mentioned their heights, we can also do higher or lower if necessary. The max height we can do is about 34″-36″. The minimum is about 18″.

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