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Whiskey Barrel Furniture SALE

In the month of August we are starting a big sale on select bourbon barrel furniture and set deals which can save you 20% or more. Our Whiskey Barrel Furniture SALE will last until the end of August 2021 but might continue till September.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture SALE

We have a large inventory of chairs, rockers, barstools and tables ready to ship. All large item set deals ship as freight and can be delivered in 7-10 business days. These include our whiskey barrel lounge chairs are rockers. Items like the pub stools and pub tables will ship as FedEx ground which in most cases is bit faster anyway.

Whiskey Barrel Furniture SALE happening now!!!

So far we have had a huge increase in sales and have been working overtime just to try to keep up. It’s around this time end of July through mid September is when sales slow down. Usually with the summer coming to an end and school starting, people tend to focus a little less on getting their homes set up with some nice classy bourbon whiskey decor. It has noting to do with the pandemic, it has been like that since we started this business. However, durning this time is when you can be a savvy shopper.

We have well over 300 whiskey barrels broken down and ready to go for the upcoming holiday. It seem like ignorer to keep up with demand we have to start earlier and earlier each year. This Whiskey Barrel Furniture SALE will help us move a few larger items and make room in our storage areas. Our best holiday item is the whiskey barrel wall clock and we actually have to start building an inventory now. If its going to be like last Christmas the sooner we get started the better, ha.

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