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Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale

Save big in our Current Sales & Set deals section!

We have been creating wine and whiskey barrel furniture for a decade now and growing each year. At this time it we have just finished our 1139th barrel chair and aiming to hit 1200 by the end of the year. The Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale are our biggest and best seller. We have shipped them world wide. Each one is handcrafted with attention to detail and can be found and popular places like Stone Brewing Company in souther California.

Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale

The Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale come in two styles. They are not pretty much the same except the backrest differs. One is called the Narrow back rest and the other is the Wider backrest. When you see it is pretty self explanatory. The chairs also come in a rocking chair version. We proudly make the best rockers because we actually recurve the wood into proper curvatures. Which they allow for a smooth and ideal motion. It takes a lot of work but the end results speak for them self.

All items on sale can be found in our Current Sales & Set Deals part of our Online Store. Our main focus is the Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale which also come in a 2 pieces and a 4 piece option. The rockers are also available. Along with the chairs we also have some Pub Sets and a couple other whiskey barrel items. This time of the year the whiskey barrel items seem to be the most sought after.

We have an online newsletter which we send out when we have new items available for when certain pieces go on sale. When you sign up you will also receive a Coupon Code which will help you big on your first purchase. We also love to help out our first responders and military personnel. So be sure to click the bottom of the screen if you are one of these helpful and brave people.

Thank You for stopping by the Hungarian Workshop and have great day.

Whiskey Barrel Chairs On Sale!!!

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