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Used Whiskey Barrel Projects

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If you are looking for some unique handcrafted items you came to the right place. Check out our Online Store and see more of our ideas of Used Whiskey Barrel Projects.

We have a full line of Wine and Whiskey barrel furniture along with a great variety of Home Decor items suited for any Wine Enthusiast or Whisky Advocate. We also have our signature Barrel Wall Paneling. Ideal to cover big or small areas in bars, restaurant, man caves or kitchens. Just about any spot you think could use a beautiful eye catching wall design.

The Furniture –

Used Whiskey Barrel Projects

If you ever been to any location of Stone Brewing Company you can see almost all our Used Whiskey Barrel Projects. They are one of our biggest clients and they carry our signature lounge chairs, pub stools, end tables, ottomans and coffee tables. Each piece is handmade with attention to detail. We clean and sand the barrel staves just the right amount to ensure smoother surfaces without removing too much of its original patina. Most table tops will even have old distillery stamps which show of the barrels true history.

The Home Decor – 

Used Whiskey Barrel ProjectsWhen you don’t have a lot of room to work with but still really want a Hungarian Workshop product, our Home Decor section is a must see. A nice selection from bottle openers to cutting boards and even our trademarked Whiskey Barrel Skateboards. It is fully functional or it can look cool simply hanging up on your wall. One of my absolute favorite is my Whiskey Barrel Chess Set. All hand cut pieces with a perfectly engraved board on top of a used Whiskey barrel top. I am very proud of this creation and it is pure labor of love.

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The Wall Panels –

This item was created mainly to salvage and use up all our left over staves that did not make the grade to be furniture. By not wanting to throw them away I created an easily installable wall paneling system. My main focus was to able to ship them anywhere and have the customers or their contractor install them with ease. Other places who offer something like this will most likely have to come out and install themselves. Not ours. If you ever hung up a mirror or a large picture, you can install these yourself. All you have to do is find the studs, drill in the wall cleats then hang up the panels.

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-Balazs Moldovan

Used Whiskey Barrel Projects



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