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The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

“Many of our customers have exclaimed that our rockers are The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs on the market!”

The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs

When it comes to any rocking chair the most important element is their range of motion. Without proper movement you have a chair that just tilts a bit each way. This was an on going issue I know had to fix and overcome. A very important key fact when it comes to wine barrels is that they don’t actually have a proper curvature for a smooth rocking chair. And whiskey barrels, forget about it. The staves are virtually flat.

The best wine barrels I found to work best before my innovation were engraved as Bear Boat. They seemed to use shorter and more round barrels for their wine which seem to work ok. But that’s it. The rest are just tall with a hefty curve in the middle. More like a kink in the wood. This would mean you could only be on either side. Not so much of a rocker at all.

Whiskey Barrel Rocking Chair

As the orders started coming in for rocking chairs and people asking about the whiskey version I had enough. With a few weeks of due diligence I created my own steamer system that recurved the barrel staves into the proper shape. It may be an extensive process that’s long and difficult but the results speak for them self. I can happily say that the Hungarian Workshop’s rockers are The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs. The curvature of the bottom staves are perfectly re-shaped to allow for a smooth rocking motion. Next time you are in the market for The Best Wine Barrel Rocking Chairs please keep us in mind. Our Recurved Rockers are available in Wine and Whiskey barrel.

This spring we are having a 30%-40% off sale and we are nearing our 1000th barrel chair!

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