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ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California

This has definitely been a crazy year! So we are aiming to finish strong by ramping up production on our signature whiskey barrel lounge chairs and rockers. This end of the year sale will save you 30% to 40%!


ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California

We have been selling the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs in Southern California for the past 8 years. We have started by partnering up with Stone Brewing Company and have worked with lots of other big named business which has helped the Hungarian Workshop grow bigger and bigger. All of our products are handmade made here in the great old USA by professional woodworking craftsman. High quality is what we strive for because our customer’s satisfaction is very important to us.

This year I have made my 1000th chair. I used a barrel which once actually held my all time favorite whiskey in it. (Woodford Reserve Distillery Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey.) A dark smooth whiskey with thick notes of oak and sweetness. Others may describe it differently, but to me its like a delicious dessert. Any who, if any one at Woodford Reserve want to collaborate and trade some Lounge Chairs for whiskey I’m in. 😉

With this big sale I am hoping to round near our 1100th barrel before the year is up. As you can tell, a company which has been handcrafting these style of furniture for the past almost decade now is planning on going anywhere. We like to stay true to the craft and keep doing what we do best. We ship all over the US and are also able to do international freight shipping as well.

If you have any question or need a little bit of more information please feel free to contact us. We are able to answer within 24 hours.

-Balazs Moldovan

ON SALE the Best Whiskey Barrel Chairs

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