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Modern Rustic Interior Design

“Our hadcrafted furniture line made from reclaimed oak has true characteristics and an authentic history. We have a twist on modern rustic interior design.

First Class Whiskey Barrel Lounge Chair

We make all our furniture from reclaimed Wine and Bourbon Whiskey barrels. Every barrel is made from quarter sawn white oak. When the wood is milled in such way, beautiful tiger stripe like grain patterns can show through. Once its clean sanded, buffed smooth then oiled the wood becomes absolutely gorgeous. The first time I notice the difference I thought all French, American & Hungarian oak needs to be milled this way.

The design aspect that categorizes our furniture in a more modern style would be the over all quality and features of our material. Also the lines and curves of the barrels staves give all our pieces a sleek newer look. Not all rustic items need to have rough edges and nails sticking out from them. Over the past 8 years the Hungarian Workshop has perfect our lounges chairs and have made close to a thousand of them. They are the number one seller and we have shipped all over the US and even few places around the world.

Modern Rustic Interior Design

One of my main goal was to keep our products notably in higher standards than other competitors. In addition, with the constant attention to detail and new innovations we turned into southern California most well known barrel artisans. We have partnered up with Stone Brewing company back in 2012 and have been doing steady business with them. They are opening new locations all the time which always need a Modern Rustic Interior Design.

Most importantly, if you work for a design agency and thinking about using our furniture for a client please email us for our designer discounts.

Thank You for stopping by and have great day.


-Balazs Moldovan

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