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Whiskey Barrel Skateboards

” The Whiskey Barrel Skateboards are a huge hit all over the world!”

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsThats right, all over the world. This product has been one of my most popular sellers. It is doing great here in sunny Southern California and all the way in Europe. People just can’t seem to get enough of it, and I can see why. Whiskey Barrel Skateboards can be a unique home decor that sure to be an excellent conversation piece. Or, cool fun way to cruise around town.

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsTHE STORY

The Whiskey Barrel Skateboards started when a buddy of mine gave me a set of trucks and wheels from his old longboard. I always thought coasting around our beach town would be fun on a skateboard but since I wasn’t any good I didn’t want to spend all sorts of money on whole get up. That’s when I figured; I’m a woodworker, I have a set of trucks and wheels, maybe I should just make my own deck. I looked by the scrap bin at the shop but there wasn’t much in there, except a few of my own Whiskey Barrel staves. Boom! ” That’s it, I am making it out of this stuff.” Whiskey Barrels are made from one inch thick American White Oak and after all the curves in them just seemed ideal. With a few prototypes the Whiskey Barrel Skateboards were in production with in a few weeks. Hell, my first order was for 2 to Germany! That was in last June and we are knocking them out ever since.

Whiskey Barrel SkateboardsWhen it comes to making these Whiskey Barrel Skateboards there are a few very important guidelines to follow to ensure the highest quality in structural durability and board performance. I am going to keep those a secrete for now but I’ll let you in on them later so can make your own super fun Whiskey Barrel Skateboards.

So if you are ready click the link above or here and purchase your own today. And here is a coupon code for you just for reading my blog.      whiskeyskateboard/bgm22 -this will give you 30%OFF from your own Whiskey Barrel Skateboards!

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-Balazs Moldovan