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Wine And Bourbon Barrel Chairs with Leather NOW Here

“The new Barrel Chairs with Leather are a perfect addition to any home of a true wine enthusiast or whiskey advocate.”

Barrel Chairs with LeatherThe Barrel Chairs with Leather design is one of my most proudest creations and it has definitely been very well received. By adding leather upholstery to our barrel furniture line, it has opened up the door to a whole new demographic.

We carry a great variety of barrel furniture that will soon be available in the upholstered interior versions.

The concept came to when I wanted to start seeing my chairs in more of a classy lounge style places and hotel lobbies. Whiskey bars or distillery tasting rooms seemed like the perfect locations too. Many home wine cellars, bourbon rooms and “man caves” would fit the bill as well. This years business goal is to finish our new leather line completely and land a mass distributor who can help make our pieces available worldwide. We already have quite a few items over seas like Germany, Ireland and Dubai just to name a few. But I would like to see those numbers grow.

Wine Barrel Leather ChairThe Chair – 

With a little redesigning and engineering I turned our most popular seller into a sleek, comfortable one of a kind lounge chair. The same great style but with a new elegant and high end look. With the right modifications we were able to keep all the dimensions and profile the same. Both the seat and backrest feature a fully padded and tufted leather cushions. As always, this products can also be made from Wine and Bourbon barrels. Leather colors are also available in multiple different options and more coming soon. The main five colors are going to be a tan, dark brown, black, red and gold. Once we get all the other option figured out we will be happy to accommodate for custom orders.

Bourbon Barrel Chair in GermanyOur biggest client and favorite brewery, Stone Brewing Company in sunny San Diego has quite a few in their restaurant lobbies, tasting rooms and lounge areas. We will be working with a couple other retailers like the Wine Enthusiast so get ready to see more of our new leather lines popping up all around.

The new leather additions will include benches, ottomans, swivel barstools and bar chairs. There will also be a couple special edition pieces which will be made from specific distillery brands.

Check back often this summer and sign up for our online newsletter to see what new items are available. Our newsletters will feature coupon codes and furniture announcements that can help you save on our new releases. Also be sure to follow us on our social media sites, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM etc. to catch what new projects we are working on at that time.

Barrel Chairs with LeatherFor any questions or if you would just like a little more info on any Hungarian Workshop products feel free to contact me at

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-Balazs G. Moldovan

Barrel Chairs with Leather


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