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The Best Long Lasting Outdoor Wooden Barrel Furniture

The Best Long Lasting Outdoor Wooden Barrel Furniture

French & American white oak is an amazing wood. They are highly resistant to rot and very robust. French oak is more on the lighter side when it comes to density. As well as its color and patinas.. When you see a wine barrel most often it will be much more cleaner looking than an old whiskey barrel. They might even hold their shape as a barrel for longer period of time when they are empty and start to dry. Visually these are great characteristics from recycled lumber. Wine barrels make for awesome home decor and other small accessories. The only downside is when you use wine barrels for major big furniture designs you will have to pick very carefully for the best barrel staves. Luckily for us we have hundreds of barrels on hand so that is no problem for us.

Wine barrels and whiskey barrels make for the best Long Lasting Outdoor Wooden Barrel Furniture. Simply put, there is a reason why wine makers and distilleries have been using them for centuries. French and American quarter sawn white oak is at the top when it comes to longevity. Like all wood, the sun will usually fade the colors but it will not deteriorate due to weather.

Barrel chair #1 is still sitting strong after a decade! Talk about The Best Long Lasting Outdoor Wooden Barrel Furniture

Whiskey barrel lounge set

Our favorite is the American white oak which whiskey barrels are made from. We do often stumble upon a wine barrel made from American white oak but that is rare. As the whiskey barrel dries and ages the wood becomes even more dense. When you work with this material you and your tools can definitely tell the difference between wine and whiskey wood. The colors and patinas of whiskey is much more darker. Not to mention the inside off the barrel is charred so instead of a charming wine color you have a deep burnt black.

Whether you are wine enthusiast or a whiskey connoisseur both barrel options will provide The Best Long Lasting Outdoor Wooden Barrel Furniture. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive Coupon Codes to save big on your next purchase. If you have any further questions or just would like a little more information on anything please feel free to contact us.


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