Wine Barrel Lounge Chair

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Our signature Wine Barrel Lounge Chairs are known and loved world wide. Each one is handmade with quality craftsmanship and with attention to detail. All barrel staves are slightly curved which provides excellent support through out. Sanded just right without removing any of the wood’s natural color or patina. Choose from the two styles available that fits you best.

Looking for a truly amazing handcrafted piece for your inner wine enthusiast? Well your search is complete! Our wine barrel lounge chairs have been everyones first choice when they want to add a beautiful and functional work of art to their environment. The saying goes “devil is in the details” and you can be sure our craftsmanship holds up to that. 

Every inch of the wine barrel staves that we use are sanded smooth and polished bright to bring out the French oak’s amazing golden color and striking grain patterns. All edges are machined perfectly round to ensure soft corners and to further support all around comfort. To ensure uniformity and balance we hand select all pieces that will fit and work best for every part of the chair. Throughout all major joinery we place additional hardware made from the wine barrel’s galvanized bands. These thick and strong brackets add incredible strength to the design while staying subtle because of their hidden locations. 

Further more, the French oak tends to be less dense than other types of oak making all the wine barrel furniture significantly lighter in weight. For this reason, the wood can absorb the wine deep into its pores allowing the amazing reds and burgundy colors remain deeply embedded. As the years pass, the patinas will age and the oak will mature turning each piece into an incredible family heirloom for generation to come.



Length – 36″  Width – 34″ Height 38″

Weight – 45lbs – 55lbs

Additional information

Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 38 × 42 in
Back Rest Style

Narrow Top, Wide Top


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