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10 More for Stone Brewery



This is the best spot in the beer garden where you can relax and drink a cold one.                                     Stone Brewery Escondido, CA     Photo: Austen MoltenWell, it looks likes Stone really liked my first 2 chairs because I just dropped off 10 more for their beer garden! Summer is definitely off to a great start for the Hungarian Workshop. It was prefect timing because the day of our delivery had happened to be their first movie night for the summer. The whole place was packed full of people having a good time enjoying their delicious food and great beer. My friends and I started bringing in the furniture before the movie even got started and to my surprise as soon as the chairs legs touched the grass, they were immediately taken over my Stone’s customers! This is definitely one of my favorite chair.             Photo: Austen MoltenThat made all my hard work feel totally worth it and it just felt great to see everyone relaxing in my chairs. We even had a chance to go around and have a little photo shoot and everyone was delighted to pose for a few pictures. Before we left, Frank Busic gave me a big barrel of used wine/whisky barrel staves to see what the Hungarian Workshop can create so be sure to visit us next week to see our new line of barrel furniture! As always, have a wonderful day and I hope to see you back here at the Hungarian Workshop.Here are some satisfied customers.  Photo: Austen Molten


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Balazs Moldovan

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