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Wooden Adirondack Chairs – An American Classic

wooden adirondack chairs and ottoman made out whiskey barrelsWooden Adirondack Chairs by the Hungarian Workshop

Hi and Welcome to the Hungarian Workshop! My name is Balazs Moldovan and I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Let me take you on a quick tour and show you our versions of Wooden Adirondack Chairs made out of Wine & Whiskey Barrels. So far we have turned well over 170 French & American White Oak barrels into comfortable and elegant furniture. I have done work with several restaurants, hotels and private buyers. One of our main customer is Stone Brewing Company in our home town of sunny San Diego.

The first stop in this blog will be out Whiskey Barrel Furniture. If you are a fan of Whiskey or Bourbon these are the ideal wooden Adirondack chairs for you. We took old barrels from Kentucky and with a little bit of sanding and T.L.C. you’d surprised what great material was hidden underneath. The distilleries char the inside of the barrel which create that great flavor and color in the whiskey. With some light sanding and an oil finish, really makes the oak’s natural patina pop out show of their previous life’s story. All pieces are handmade and created for comfort as well as elegance.

Whiskey Barrel Wooden Adirondack Chairs | Hungarian Workshop

Our second stop will be for our Wine Barrel wooden Adirondack chairs. Since wine is enjoyed by many people and because we live so close to wine country it’s no wonder why these are in our top selling items. The kind of colors that are left behind on the French Oak staves are pretty much irreplicable. The wine usually will leave a red, burgundy and dark purple natural stains behind. Wine Barrels have a bigger curve in the center which contours to your back and supports your body through out. After seeing and sitting in one of our chairs you will never look at a barrel the same way again.

Wine Barrel Wooden Adirondack Chairs | Hungarian Workshop

All products are available in Wine & Whiskey Barrel even if there is no photo in the category.

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Wine And Whiskey Barrel Furniture | Hungarian Workshop
Wooden Adirondack furniture & much more by the Hungarian Workshop



Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture

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