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Wine and Whiskey Barrel Pub Table

“The new SNAP Wine and Whiskey Barrel Pub Table are here for a great low price!”

Wine and Whiskey Barrel Pub Table

Good news for people who love our “Snap” Wine and Whiskey Barrel End Tables. We have added the same table top style to our Pub Tables. By using the same addition with the barrel hoops we get to maximize our material usage and minimize waste. With the four color option choose what fits you best. Click here to be taken directly to our ONLINE STORE.

The “Snap” Wine & Bourbon Barrel Pub TablesThe Info: Wine and Whiskey Barrel Pub Table

The “Snap” Wine & Bourbon Barrel Pub Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. The unique hour glass shape gives these pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The barrel hoops add strength and a protecting border along the top while working as a pleasant foot rest at the bottom. A perfect addition to any Wine Enthusiast or Whiskey Advocate home who would love to own a reclaimed and Eco friendly piece.

Wine and Whiskey Barrel Pub TableIn the photo there we have the 4 possible options.
Wine Barrel – Inside (Red, Burgundy)
– Outside ( Natural Oak, Vineyard Marking)
Bourbon – Inside (Black charred finish)
– Outside ( Natural Oak, Distillery Marking)Dimensions:
Table Top Diameter 20″- 22″ Height 36″ or 42″Finish – Brazilian Rosewood Oil
Custom Heights are also available upon request.
(You will be able to choose from these options when making a purchase. Please understand that when ordering the outside top version not all barrel head will come with a stamp. A barrel only has one side marked and we have to use all material we have. When ordering more than one table then you can expect one with markings. When choosing the inside of barrel be aware that there will be small gaps between the stave. Wine Hoops – Galvanized, Bourbon Hoops – Steel. Enjoy!)


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