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Wine Barrel Chair With Leather

Wine Barrel Chair With LeatherThis is a little sneak peek at what our new line of Barrel Furniture will look like. They will be our original design that feature high end leather cushion that will be a must have for any Wine, Bourbon or Rum enthusiast. The First Class line should be available begging this summer.

We will be using the Serengeti Full hides that will be available in Burgundy, Bourbon and Black.
Wine Barrel Chair With LeatherWine Barrel Chair With LeatherThe new era of interior luxury from the Hungarian Workshop has arrived! Our First Class Barrel Furniture line features our original stylish designs now with fully padded leather cushion that have been hand made to fit each individual piece perfectly. 

Our Adirondack style Wine Barrel chairs are handcrafted from genuine reclaimed white oak barrels that have been lightly sanded to preserve their natural characteristics and patina. Finished with a special blend of Mineral Oil, Brazilian Rosewood Oil and Beeswax that elevate the wood’s beautiful burgundy and stunning golden colors. Stainless steel hardware used all around to ensure structural durability and strength. The barrel stave’s curvature create excellent support throughout your body and now with our elegant leather addition you definitely won’t want to get up.

This is just one of the first and many more to come so be sure to visit our website and sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive coupon codes and special deals.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Wine Barrel Chair With Leather


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