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Whiskey Barrel Wall Tiles

Whiskey Barrel Wall Tiles

We have been working on our new Whiskey Barrel Wall Tiles for a while now and they are finally ready for purchase. Our new design allows for a very simple installation that can be done with ease and quick. A full size panel covers 3 sq ft at a time and has a solid backboard which can be cut in any direction. The back board also has pre-drilled pilot holes spaced out at stud gap lengths. After you place the first one level and on studs the rest can be installed very fast. This system was created for customers and clients who are looking to cover a large area but don’t want to glue up individually barrel pieces at a time.

If you are worried about not hitting studs please do not worry. The panels can also be drilled into standard drywall with construction adhesive on the back. Wall anchors for the screws is recommended when you are installing lots of panels going upwards. Each panel weights 9-10 lbs so proper installation is very important. Especially if you don’t have anything underneath the bottom row like baseboards or a counter.

Beautiful whiskey barrel wall in minutes.”

If you are looking to cover an area like backsplashes which will most likely require lots of intricate cuts the best method is to use finish nails and construction adhesive. This is also a very quick method just be sure your glue is setting before you pile on the rows above. Pease remember that these are genuine oak barrel wood which is very hearty and dense.

The panels sell at $35 a square feet with FREE SHIPPING. A box has 5 panels are will cover approximately 15 square feet. After you order if we don’t have in stock please allow a few weeks for production. We will have a video up in the next few weeks to help with the installation.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

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