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Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

“We have over 500 Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale! Many distilleries like Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam, Heaven Hill, etc. Buy a couple and create something unique!”

After we broke down over 500 barrels, we ended up with about a thousand barrel heads. (tops) For the past year I have been selling them off since there is no way to use so many all by our self. Especially since we pick up more barrels every season or so. The Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale are 21″ x 21″ and 1″ thick.

There are many ideal uses for them if you have the right tools. If you find your favorite brand, simply using them as wall decor can look neat in any room or bar. Keep in mind if you want to purchase an exact brand, unfortunately you will have to try somewhere else. With this inventory size we can not go searching through all the tops just for one specific kind. You can always put in a request when you purchase and we will try our best to accommodate.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale –

First off, it is very important for me to explain what a whiskey barrel top is. Almost 50% of my first time customers think barrel tops are solid round piece of wood that has the ring attached to as well. Unfortunately for most of you DIY -ers, this isn’t the case.

A barrel top is made up of a few ( 6-10) smaller pieces that are held together by dowels or routed grooves. The edges are bevelled and sit in the stave’s end notches. Then the ring is on the outside putting pressure on the whole thing. To remove a barrel head you have to take the barrel completely apart.

All barrels are only held together by pressure from the rings and the moisture of the wood. Once the barrel starts to dry out, the rings slip off and everything falls apart. This goes for the barrel tops also. If they don’t have the dowels or the support, they can easily come apart too.

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleEvery piece of barrel furniture we make using the barrel heads, we go through extensive amount of work to ensure that they stay solid. In conclusion, working with reclaimed material may be trickier than one might think.

Barrel Top Variations We Offer –

  • Raw – Meaning straight from the barrel. Nothing has been done to it. It’s filthy. Charred, dirty and rough.
  • Sanded –  Fully cleaned and sanded smooth. Ready to use!
  • Without Stamping – No markings. Clean and plain.
  • With Stamping – Visible distillery brand names, dates and lot numbers. (Note: Most stamps are not perfect. Some parts may be smudged and missing.)

Whiskey Barrel Tops for SaleIf you are looking to buy a large quantity contact us directly. Shipping calculator is not set up properly for purchasing 100+. Therefore when shipping such large amounts we can send as freight and save you a large chunk of cash.

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-Balazs Moldovan

Whiskey Barrel Tops for Sale

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