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Whiskey Barrel Tables

“Plenty of Whiskey Barrel Tables options to choose from here!”

There are several Whiskey Barrel Tables options available in our ONLINE SHOP. Here I will list a couple to show you what the Hungarian Workshop has to offer. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and or would like a custom piece to be made.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table - Whiskey Barrel Tables by The Hungarian WorkshopOur Whiskey Barrel Bar Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. The unique hour glass shape gives this pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The Whiskey Barrel’s ring adds strength to the table’s foundation while working as a pleasant foot rest. The table top is created from used Whiskey Barrel lids that have been completely charred to give the whiskey its great smokey flavor and distinctive color. With stainless steel hardware added for maximum durability and straight, this bar tables will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table - Whiskey Barrel Tables by the Hungarian WorkshopAlthough a popular design to utilize the open space underneath the table top, I will guarantee you have not seen a table exactly like this one! Made only from hard American White Oak this Whiskey Barrel Table is great quality all the way. The table top is created from the heads (lids) of barrels and shows off the charred inside which is essential for the whiskey’s great taste and color. The border edging is made from the outside part of the heads which may on occasionally reveal the distillery’s markings of dates & times when the alcohol was poured. The table top lifts up to maximize the use of the barrel’s hallow inside. The legs are also made from the lids which are laminated together to create a strong & sturdy base.

Whiskey Barrel Round Table - Whiskey Barrel Tables by the Hungarian WorkshopWe also have some end tables and another coffee table that you might want to see in out Whiskey Barrel Furniture part of the ONLINE STORE. Please be sure to subscribe to our online newsletter to receive important new product information and coupon codes to save you big on your next purchase.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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