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Whiskey Barrel Staves FOR SALE

“Broke down about 300 Bourbon Whiskey Barrels and have 7 pallets of staves for sale. We have pallets of whiskey barrel staves and barrel heads! “

Whiskey Barrel Staves 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ and are 34″ in length JUST .25 CENTS EA.

Contact me directly about this deal and how to purchase – 

whiskey barrel staves We are in the middle of a big overhaul and purging some old barrels to make room for new ones.  About 1/3 of the broken down staves I want to sell. I have seven pallets of Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Staves that range in size from 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ and are 34″ in length. I usually sell them for a $1 a piece ( 200 staves for $200) but to get a jump on things and not sit not this great material too long I am selling them this month for .25 cents a piece. The main thing to keep in mind is Im selling the whole pallet. Each pallet has over 800 staves! That right 800 is actually a lower estimate. There will be about 50-100 bonus Whiskey Barrel Staves on there. 800 is just the average amount.

whiskey barrel staves The reason I am selling as whole pallet only is because I already built the custom crate/shipping pallets that have been shrink wrapped and ready to go right away. I also unfortunately don’t have the time to sell off in small bundles. Seven pallets of Whiskey Barrel Staves comes to just under 6000 pieces that I need to get off my hands asap. And like I mentioned this is just a third of what my actual inventory looks like.

The staves can be used for many different project. Wall panels, lighting, home decor, home accessories etc. Just take quick look at what’s on Pinterest these days and I am sure you’ll find a way to turn all those Whiskey Barrel Staves into something neat and profitable.

If you want order I will email you an invoice and will take a credit card payment over the phone. Shipping is about $300. Please be aware it might be more in your area. I won’t know exactly until I get your zip code and get a freight quote.  Freight size 40″x 48″x 48″  at 800 lbs 

If you have any questions please send me an email or contact me through our website under the CONTACT ME PAGE.


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