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Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights

“Our new line of Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights are in and are on SALE. Up to 30%-40% OFF for a short period of time. Light up your night life a unique way!”

In the past few months I have been working on a way to use more of our left over barrel wood from our popular furniture line. We go through several hundred of barrels each year and the left over scrap wood is just towering over the shop. The material is already clean and sanded smooth so they are ready for any project. We usually can sell them off just for those reasons and sometimes even to BBQ restaurants as smoke wood. However, selling a few hundred pieces out of thousands wasn’t really making a dent. A few weeks ago I thought back to another project idea I always liked, making lights.

Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights

The concept of making lights using pipes has been around for quit a while. The most common mistake I always noticed was the lack of real attention to detail. When working with rustic, industrial and reclaimed material you always should keep the craftsmanship in mind. If it dose not look as attractive as you hoped, keep working on it until it looks far better than you expected. That has always been a key factor in the Hungarian Workshop’s success.

Whiskey Barrel Edison Light

Whiskey Barrel Edison LightsSHOP NOWDimmable Rustic Lights

First thing I knew I had to do was integrate whiskey barrels into the design. Boom, the bases are usually wood so that was a very quick hurdle to clear. Every whiskey enthusiast will love a pieces with some real history behind it so this factor right away made our lights far more sought after. Most of the light bases are made from the barrel staves that have a lot of patina showing off the woods true beauty. Few of the more intricate light design have the base made from the barrel tops. These ones are the most popular because we can offer the option to have one made from your favorite distillery. (Limited availability)

Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights

These important key features make our Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights the highest premium quality.

– Whiskey Barrel Wood Base
– Pipe Matching DIMMABLE Light Sockets
– High Quality Spiral GE Edison Bulb
– Thicker robust 3/4″ Piping
– Appealing Braided Power Cord
– Choose from your favorite distillery brand available!

Whiskey Barrel Edison Lights
Braided Power Cord

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