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Used Whiskey Barrels

“We have plenty of Used Whiskey Barrels. Our main line of furniture include wine and whiskey barrels turned into one of kind solid chairs, pub stools, pub tables, coffee tables and more. In our Recycle bin we often have many reusable craft supplies as well. Check it out NOW.”

Used Whiskey BarrelsThe Hungarian Workshop workshop has been in business for over 5 years. We have created a whole line of barrel furniture made from used wine barrels and used whiskey barrels. We also have an interior leather line and a Home Decor and Accessories section. In the Recycle Bin part of our online store we have full size barrels, barrel staves, barrel bands and barrel cut offs. Please note we only have certain material in stock at a time. If we run out of something it might take a month to accumulate more. But we will always have the full size barrels in stock.

Used Whiskey BarrelsUsed Whiskey Barrels

Our used whiskey barrels are full size 53 gallons. The average size is 22″x22″x34″ and they weight about 100 lbs. Some are more dry and may weigh less. When the barrels start to dry, all you have to do is dump some water on them. When the oak absorbs the moisture it will swell back up and tighten up. It is important to know that barrels are only held together by tension from the metal bands. If they dry completely, the whole barrel will just fall apart. This also includes the barrel heads as well. (the top and bottom) No glue, no nails or screws. You might have known this but incase you didn’t it is important to  mention. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have to explain this to DIY-ers. It is super fun to work with this stuff but it can be tricky.

Used Whiskey BarrelsHow to Order –

To order a couple barrels you can simply use our online shipping calculator. We will ship as Fedex Ground for individual ones. This is costly ($165 just for shipping) but it will arrive at your door step in 3-5 days. Super fast and easy. When you order 4-8 barrels will ship as freight. It may take 2 weeks for this but it will be much cheaper than Fedex Ground. Now if you are looking for 10-20 barrels please contact us first. We can talk to our freight reps and see if we can get a discount rate for such large order. And depends on our inventory stock, we maybe able to give a discount on the barrel prices as well.  We can ship all over the US including Hawaii. If you are out of the country, we can accommodate as well.

Contact Me Here –

Used Whiskey BarrelsIf you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask. If you are thinking about reusing our barrels for further aging please know that these are outdoor kept. I don’t know the inside condition of the barrels.

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-Balazs Moldovan

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