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Upcycled Furniture For Sale

“Upcycled Furniture For Sale from Hungarian Workshop. Amazing creations from Wine and Whiskey Barrels. Furniture include chairs, tables, stools and much more!”

All our furniture is available in our ONLINE STORE.

The Hungarian Workshop is a San Diego bassed custom furniture company that specializes in up cycling Wine and Whiskey Barrel Furniture. They are the ones who create all Stone Brewing Company’s outdoor furniture and Whole Foods’ Bar furniture in some locations. They can also be found in the Wine Enthusiast catalogs and a few features in their 2014 magazines. If you have any questions or comments please feel to contact them here.

Whiskey Barrel Bar Table | Upcycled Furniture For SaleOur Whiskey Barrel Bar Tables are designed with style, elegance and charm in mind. The unique hour glass shape gives this pieces a very sleek and attractive appearance that everyone will sure to admire. The Whiskey Barrel’s ring adds strength to the table’s foundation while working as a pleasant foot rest. The table top is created from used Whiskey Barrel lids that have been completely charred to give the whiskey its great smokey flavor and distinctive color. With stainless steel hardware added for maximum durability and straight, this bar tables will be enjoyed by all for many years to come.

An important design element in these bar stools are stability and strength. Using the barrel’s old ring as a footrest ads personality while creating a strong foundation for the base. The seat has a curvature on both axis which is a great quality for comfort. A very pleasant attribute is that the bar stool features a 180 Degree Memory Swivel that will allow you to rotate with ease and self re-position when not in use.

Wine Barrel Chair and Side Table | Upcycled Furniture For SaleThese chairs are made from reclaimed wine barrels that used to contain red wine, giving the wood amazing deep purple and burgundy patina.

They have a nice, wide opening and the seats slant just the right amount without feeling like you are sitting on the floor. All the barrel staves curve to contour your body, providing excellent support throughout.

They are lightly sanded just enough to take off any dirt and grim without removing any of the natural colors. The wine barrel chairs come in 2 different styles. With stainless steel clips underneath to ensure structural durability and strength.

 Upcycled Furniture For Sale

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