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Hidden hardware?

Well, here I am again with another dilemma. I have been reading and looking at some new ways to upgrade my Adirondack patio sets because recently I have had some customers concerned about exposed screw heads. Like the ones that secure the seat slats, back rest and the ones that hold the arms together. Couple people were worried if the screws can rust but that was an easy reassurance because I use Deck-Mate Premium All Purpose Exterior Screws which have a patented coating that lubricates and prevents rust and are backed by a life time guarantee. Another product I use is Kregs pocket hole stainless steel screws. Explaining these products to all my costumers reassures them 100% and that’s always the end of the rusty screw concern.  Now here is where it gets tricky, occasionally I will get clients that tell me that they just simply don’t want exposed hardware. This is where I had to start thinking of a solution to please these people. My first thoughts were to just use glues and dowels, but I really didn’t like that idea because one of my biggest selling points is that my chairs can be easily taken apart and have pieces replaced if necessary. Then I thought about my good old tool the Kreg Jig which by far is one of my favorite tools to use because it makes corner joinery very simple. It creates pocket holes that will be only visible from underneath and the screws will be completely hidden. This system would be good to use for the seat slats, back slats, and the whole frame, but what about the arm rest that has all sides showing? That’s where the real pondering starts, because I personally think a visible screw head is still more attractive than pocket holes along the sides. I could always just use the plugs that the Kreg Jig offers, but then again, there is no dis-assembly if I use those. I’m sure with a little more research I will succeed, and the bottom line is that when the time comes to build a set for someone that wants 100% hidden hardware, the Hungarian Workshop will make it happen. This is one of those subjects that I would definitely love some feed back, advise or comments on. Well, that will be the end of my blog and as always have a wonderful day and I hope you come back and visit The Hungarian Workshop real soon.

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  1. These chairs are awesome! Defenetly the best patio furniture i ever bought! They are a great price, Durable, comfortable, and just plain beautiful. 5 stars for sure!

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