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The New Wine Barrel Wall Panels

Wine Barrel Wall Panels

We have been working hard on developing our new wine barrel wall panels. The most important thing was to find a way to minimize the work load that usually goes into installing barrel wood onto wall. Most places will use full length staves or cut up pieces which then need to be nailed and glued up individually. That is what usually makes the whole process of using reclaimed wood a nightmare. If you have the know how and time, I guess you wont mind but most people unfortunately don’t.

Our concept was to make purchasing and then seeing the final product installed the shortest time possible. We have tons and tons of wine barrel wood in stock to make the turn around time only a few weeks. Or only a few days before shipping if we have panels ready. You probably don’t want to be waiting months to turn your dream wine room into a reality.

The new Wine Barrel Wall Panels are here and available now!!! Turn your wine cellar or wine bar into an elegant room to sip your favorite red.

With a few simple tools any handyman/carpenter can easily install these panels in minutes or if there are lots of intricate cuts a few hours. The whole panel concept is to maximize the amount of barrel wood you are putting up at a time. The bigger chunks available, the faster the job will be. The most important factor to remember is if you are doing a large open wall, the panel will be flying up in minutes. The solid backboard also has pre-drilled pilot holes spaced at stud gaps 32″ to help with this. With a dab of construction adhesive like Liquid Nails to make the job solid as possible. If you wont be hitting any studs just be sure to use a wall anchors and a little more Liquid Nails. A finishing nail gun with the Liquid Nails will make the small unique cuts stay in place. The Wine Barrel Wall Panels work really great for the cutting as well. Since the panels is solid you can cross cut and rip cut with easy. Again many pieces at a time, not individually.

Wine Barrel Wall Panels

We should have a video up as well soon to help with any sort of installation question.

If you have any other questions please let me know. You can contact us through our site or me directly here:

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