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The Best New Saddle Barstools Made From Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels

A few months ago we upgraded our barrel bench design into a saddle barstool version. This design allows us to use more of our left over narrower staves. We accumulate a lot of these narrow staves over time because our very popular lounge chairs and rockers don’t need them. Actually, most of our bigger furniture pieces don’t either. The narrower staves only work great for the seating portions and that is only a couple pieces per unit.

The Best New Saddle Barstools Made From Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels have been a huge hit since their launch in November. We have sold well over a hundred and received nothing but positive feedback. The best part is that they come in a select number of heights. They start at 18″ which is your basic table seating height all the way up to 30″ for bar seating. The most popular however has been the 26″ which is ideal for kitchen islands. Those usually measure at a 36″ table top height.

We have designed The Best New Saddle Barstools Made From Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels. Save space with their sleek elegant shape. Heavy duty!!!

The barstool’s seat is 10″ deep and 18″ wide. The base is only 20″ by 14″ so they are great when it comes to sliding them under the counter and out of the way. No more bulky giant stools sticking out making a kitchen feeling small. The simple design is very sturdy and can be beefed up easily by using thicker staves if a customer calls for them. In the past we did have a client who had some very big and tall family members who were over 6’6″ and 300 lbs. For their stools we doubled the width of the leg staves. Simple as that and they were very happy with their purchase.

Check out these new stools and order a few today. If you sign up for our newsletter you can also get Coupon Code to save on your first purchase.

Cheers! -Balazs Moldovan

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