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The best New Big Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Walls for you!

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Walls

If you have a boring whiskey bar and are looking for an exciting new upgrade than we highly recommend our latest product. We have developed a wall panel system that can be installed with easy. We took our left over material from our popular furniture line and have turned them into more up cycled creations. Each full size panel can be installed with ease and a whole entire wall can be cover in mere minute.

When it comes to installation of full size panels you can do most the work your self. If you have drill, level and tape measure then you can get started right away. The full size panels come with pilot holes and are measured at stud spaces. (32″) If you don’t hit any studs no worries you can always use wall anchors with the screws and some construction adhesive like Liquid Nails on the back for additional strength. Always be sure to use a dab of Liquid Nails when you can’t hit stud because these are real reclaimed oak panels. The barrel wood is very hearty and dense so the weight will add up. Each panel is just under 10 lbs so when you go 8 panels in height you are looking at quite a heavy load for the bottom.

Have a lot of empty wall space in your whiskey bar? Cover with easy with our New Big Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Walls panels.

After you installed all the full size panel you might be left with spots where you have to make cuts. For these it is best and easiest to use a finish nail gun with 1 1/2″ or 2″ finish nails and the Liquid Nails construction adhesive. Simple cut the panel to the desired length or rip cut it if you have to and then glue up and nail to keep in place.

Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Walls

All contractors or handyman can do this job no problem. With the right tools and a little know how you should be able to cover a wall very quick. There will be a video up sometime in the near future and if you have any question please feel free to contact us.

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