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The Best Luxury Wine Barrel Barstools That Swivel

The Best Luxury Wine Barrel Barstools That Swivel

Since 2012 we have been selling our very popular wine and whiskey barrel furniture. Since the beginning we have been perfecting our craft and the wine barrel barstools have been very well received. Both by private buyers and lots of vineyards and breweries as well. Many clients have classified our handcrafted pieces as The Best Luxury Wine Barrel Barstools That Swivel. The shape and over all designs of our wine barrel barstools allows for maximum comfort and elegance. The quarter sawn white oak will display beautiful patinas of golden oak and the wine stained side a deep dark burgundy.

Every single wine barrel stave is hand picked and sanded smooth. The oil finish we use allows for a very easy wood rejuvenation. It isn’t a top coat like varnish which can only be applied once. And unlike varnish which would have to be stripped off to refinish the wood, the oil can be reapplied whenever you want a healthy new sheen.

The swivels we use are heavy-duty and made in the USA! They are also commercial grade so they can been used in restaurants, bars, tasting rooms and pretty much wherever else you might have a large variety of patrons. The seat height is available in counter and bar heights. The 26″ is ideal for home counters like the kitchen island and the 30″ is obviously perfect for bars. Custom heights are also available if you need to go higher or lower. The footrest is made from the barrel’s hoops which further strengthens the structure of the stools.

“The Best Luxury Wine Barrel Barstools That Swivel”

The Best Luxury Wine Barrel Barstools That Swivel

Like most of our pieces, these barstools are also available to be made from Whiskey Barrels as well. If you are a first time buyer be sure to sign up for our newsletter to receive a Coupon Code to save you on your very first purchase.

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