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Hello everybody and welcome to the Hungarian Workshop, if you have not had a chance to read my About Us page here is a brief run-through about me and my site.

My name is Balazs Moldovan and I’m from Miskolc Hungary, my family and I moved to the USA in 1996. I started doing carpentry for the first time in wood shop class during high school and fell in love with it. Throughout my early twenties I realized how much more I enjoyed being my own boss and working for myself. Being creative and prevailing on my own felt like the life for me. Soon as I got laid off, thoughts like that gave me the kick in the pants just to go for it. A few month later I packed my stuff and moved out to southern California to make it happen.

Now I’m writing my very first blog and building this site with a help of a few friends. (Thanks Tom and Austen). With this site I’m hoping to build a friendly relationship with all my clients and provide excellent customer service throughout the years to come. With that I conclude my first blog and as always have a wonderful day and I hope you come back and visit The Hungarian Workshop soon.

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